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Northern California’s Top Trainer Answers the Most Asked Weight Loss Questions of Danville Residents

Mark Rogers, owner of Mark Rogers Fitness, has the most successful and most referred weight loss program in the Tri-Valley.  Recently Mark took the time to answer some of the most popular questions that Danville residents have about losing weight, staying fit, and battling hunger.

Here are the exclusive, straight forward, no-holds barred responses from Mark:

#1: I am working out and exercising for three hours a day, at least four days a week, so why am I still not seeing any significant weight loss?

This is a very common issue for many people who are trying to lose weight or build muscle.  Exercising for long periods of time is the not the answer to any weight or fitness problems.  In fact, you can actually accomplish the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve by overtiring your muscles to the point where they no longer respond.  I have found that the absolute best way to stay firm is to have short, intense workouts that combine cardio, strength, and core training.  That is why my clients are seeing such dramatic results with the Blazin' Bodies Boot Camp; it uses all three styles, one right after the other, keeping the blood flowing, and the muscles working.

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#2: Following a well known celebrity’s diet advice, I have cut all of my meals in half, but I still cannot lose weight, and now I am hungry all of the time.  Why?

Unfortunately, what works for one person does not always work for everyone else.  Many celebrities and fitness trainers have offered their own diet plans, but very few of them are actually effective because they were designed for their body types, not yours.  In order to really see a substantial reduction in fat pounds, you need to first understand how your body processes fat.  With all new clients, I do complete body fat testing, and then design a customized nutrition plan that will work for them.

The second part of my answer to this question is that eating less does not necessarily translate into less fat.  A high metabolism is the most efficient way to burn calories and fat like there’s no tomorrow.  However, if you stop feeding your body, it will slow down your metabolism which thus makes burning fat much more difficult.   It surprises most people to know that eating plenty of the right foods, more frequently, leads to faster, more consistent weight loss than starving or cutting back on meals.

#3: What are some ways that I can make working out more fun to make sure that I stick with it?

Motivation is crucial to any weight loss program and without it, you will not see many results at all.  To keep things fresh and new, I recommend changing the exercises in your routine, working out with a friend, and seriously considering having a personal trainer help you.  Speaking from experience, having someone there to keep the workouts fun and unpredictable is inspiring and makes you want to exercise.

One of the things that I do in my personal training and boot camps is use a variety of different exercises so that it is not the same boring routine every time.  But, this only works if you are using the right exercises.  The truth is that some exercises are much more effective than others at quickly blasting away stubborn fat pounds.

#4: Why does my weight keep going up and down and what is preventing me from staying at my target weight?

Depending on the methods you are using, the weight you lose might be only temporary.  This is especially true with many supplements, diet pills, and exercise products.  It is not their intention to help you maintain a healthy weight for the long term as they are designed to keep you hooked.  Then the weight comes right back again. My approach is to use a complete weight loss program that not only delivers fast results, but also makes sure that you continue to stay in your best shape for the rest of your life.

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