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The Most Referred Personal Trainer in Danville Speaks Out About the Key to His Clients’ Success

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Faster results and the inspiration needed for you to maintain your best physique ever is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a fitness program with Mark Rogers Fitness.

Hi, I’m Mark Rogers, the top personal trainer in San Ramon, Danville and the surrounding areas because of one main thing: consistency.  Allow me to explain.  Any workout needs to be done on a consistent basis in order for it to be successful.  You cannot enjoy the benefits of exercising unless you are motivated to stick with your plan.

Simply put, unless you are inspired to continue a program, your results will never be what you desire.  I have found the best form of motivation is watching your body change into a toned and sculpted look in the shortest time possible.  Seeing and feeling dramatic results quickly goes a long way in ensuring your consistency with the program.  But how exactly is that possible?

One of the things that I focus on is designing a workout for you that uses only exercises that I know will work for your body’s individual fitness goals.  Then, I make the workout fun by changing the routines frequently and removing any hint of predictability or boredom.  The result is that I have the privilege of witnessing many of my clients staying motivated and inspired as they move toward their goals.  That is what Mark Rogers Fitness Personal Training is all about.

I am well aware that other personal trainers stand over their clients holding a clipboard and shouting instructions or repetitions.  To me, that is neither motivational nor effective.  My approach is completely different and I perform each exercise with you so that you know I am just as dedicated to the movements as you are.   Honestly, some of the best workouts I have had were with clients that I challenged to discover their full ability in achieving the ultimate results.

Since exercise alone will not lead you to the body you want, I always begin any new training with body fat testing that tells me the way you process and burn fat on a regular basis. Then, I create a customized nutrition plan specifically for you that works to boost your metabolism while preventing hunger. In fact, the diet will be so easy to follow that you will be losing weight in your sleep just as fast as you do during the day.

Motivation is not just a “catch-phrase” for me or Results Personal Training.  It is a way of life and an integral part of how my Danville clients are able to enjoy having more energy, firmer muscles, and a better overall quality of life.  You can experience the same and much more for yourself.  There is nothing like feeling your best and knowing you have developed the habits that will make it last permanently.  Your success is my top priority and I take that responsibility very seriously.

Here are some of the amazing things that people from your area have said about me and Results Personal Training:

Mark Rogers is a certified Danville in-home personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), and also holds appropriate CPR/AED qualifications.

*Note: Due to the incredible success of the program, Mark Rogers Fitness Personal Training is only available on a limited basis in Danville, so please contact Mark now at (925) 931-1120 to make sure that you reserve a free consultation.

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