Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Does your lifestyle promote health or not?

Many people will answer yes to this, however if you look around you it's quite obvious they are at best unaware of how they live or at worst in denial.

Go to any average restaurant and notice the menu and then look at what people are eating. Foods that are processed and slathered with sauces, gravies etc. that no doubt have all kinds of unhealthy things in them. Here in CA when you go to a chain restaurant they have to list the calories in the food....a glance or two will quickly make you aware of how much you are actually eating.

Take a glance around in your office, how many people are constantly exhausted and sucking down stimulant laden beverages to make it through the day. Or just take a walk down the street and see how people you can find without a belly. Not too many, even young people who should be thin and in shape have a lot of extra weight!

The fact of the matter is, with obesity rates climbing (see sidebar blurb), people are not taking responsibility for their health and thus they continue to get bigger. How about cutting back on food and moving more, there's a novel health care reform plan. As I've always said, you can pay to eat good quality food and take care of your body (health clubs, spas etc.) or you can pay doctors, hospitals and drug companies to feel like garbage. Your choice.

Get up from the internet and computer, video games, tv, dvr, movies blah blah and engage your mind and body in useful productive activities that help you feel good and enjoy life. In short, stop consuming and start doing and giving and your life will start changing for the better. If you do this you'll feel better, be happier and live a longer healthy life. No more excuses, take responsibility now.