Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moms have a Large Impact

Typically mothers are called on to be the one in charge of a families health, particularly when it comes to eating. But given the fact that over 1/3 of women are obese it's difficult for them to transfer healthy habits and behaviors to their kids and families. Many buy the groceries and prepare the meals and thus if they don't know what healthy habits are then it's likely the family will be lead down the wrong path. This is largely due to ignorance along with convenience. Lets face it, women are busy and time is scarce....when you're tired and people are hungry the last thing you want to do is plan and prepare something healthy. It's much easier to make pasta, order take out, or pop a pizza in the oven. So what's the solution....there are no tricks...only educating oneself, planning and preparation. Yes it may be inconvenient now but in the long run the benefits are innumerable. Most importantly you will be an example to others, especially your children. You can't feed kids mac and cheese, pizza and hot dogs and think they are going to grow up to be intelligent and productive members of society. Here's the article.