Wednesday, November 11, 2009

P.E. Influences the Young and Especially the Poor

In a recent study it was found that P.E. is especially important in helping low income students develop habits of activity that help them maintain a healthy weight and level of fitness. For these students the regimen they do or do not go through in a school based physical education class may be the only message of health and fitness they are getting. Many of these kids live in situations and environments that do anything but promote health and well being. If the obesity and health care issue is to be resolved it has to start at a young age with physical activity as well as education and action on healthy eating habits and nutrition. Get kids out of the house and involved in activities that make them use their bodies as these are the habits they will carry with them to the next generation. Just as P.E. is important, even more important is the influence of the parents and their lifestyle and habits. If parents want to be there for their kids then they have to take care of themselves and lead healthy lives as well. This certainly doesn't mean just chasing the almighty dollar and a lifestyle that leads to the neglect of health and other aspects of life that are certainly more important than the big house and fancy car.