Monday, August 17, 2009

Fat People Live Longer?

Hold down your excitement. Before you run off and tell everyone you know that a new study says fat people live longer lets look at what it really says. What the study found, based on BMI, which only takes into consideration height and weight, not muscle and fat, was that those in the overweight category, 25-30 BMI were 17% less likely to die than those of 'normal' weight, BMI 18-25. Instead of saying of yes, now I can eat all I want and not worry because being overweight is good, look at what it really says. If your risk of death is 10% then the risk for overweight people, based on BMI, is 8.3%. Essentially what this means is that focusing solely on weight as an indicator of health is not the thing to do. That fact has actually been known for quite some time. What this also really says is that being fit and regularly exercising is more important than reaching a certain 'weight loss' goal, particularly for those without weight related health problems. It's been shown for quite some time, and confirmed by a 2005 US study that those who are still technically considered 'overweight' but are fit live longer than those of normal weight who don't exercise. Definitely a word of caution to those who don't workout because they think they don't need to because they are skinny, you are actually at a greater health risk than those who are a bit larger. All in all what this says is that weight isn't the only factor and fitness plays a huge role in overall health and longevity.