Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mega-Calories at Your Fingertips

Now that California law requires chain restaurants to put calorie counts on menus, if you're lucky enough to live here, you will be shocked at how many calories are in various foods they serve! All I can say is it's no wonder people are obese. Well over a thousand calories in many if not most entrees and even in the appetizers! You think a soup and salad is healthy, well at TGI Fridays you see that a soup is 500 calories and some of the salads are over 1000 calories. Of course none of this includes drinks which pack in a lot more calories in the form of sugar. If you eat in these restaurants regularly it's no feat at all to be packing in over 2000 calories in one meal. One thing this law does, if you are health conscious is to really limit your selection and keep your food choices in check. This is especially true when you have to really hunt to find things under1000 calories. Take advantage and make better choices. For those outside of CA, be careful, you are eating a lot when you indulge at these chain restaurants. Choose wisely or you will see your waistline grow quickly!