Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2, 2009 - Your diet will get you?

If you're looking to lose weight your diet more than almost anything else will get you and drag you back to square one. As I said yesterday, most people eat too much food for their activity level. Gaining a pound a month is only little more than 100 calories per day in excess of what you burn off! So it doesn't take much, that extra cookie, soda, after work drink. That's 12 lbs per year and next thing you know you've gained a lot of unnecessary weight. Given the fact that most adults and even children don't get anywhere near enough activity there is no wonder obesity is such a problem. Even if you walk 30 minutes a day or do some sort of moving around you still aren't burning that many calories.....30 minutes of 3mph walking doesn't even burn 200 calories and that's if you are 175 lbs...if you weigh less you'll burn even less. The average person burns less than 2000 calories per day....so if you're going out to eat often...eating high calorie foods and doing little or no exercise you will gain weight. So focus on more filling items such as fruits and veggies which have fiber and make sure to consume plenty of quality proteins such as eggs and meats. Your body naturally has a shut off switch when you eat fat or protein however when you eat carbs (aka sugars) there is no shut off switch so you just keep eating. You should be getting the majority of your carbs from vegetables and fruits while minimizing starches and refined grains (breads, pastries, pastas etc.) You won't get leaner eating large amounts of starching and refined carbs....actually your body will tend to hold onto more water the more of these items you eat....giving you that bloated look and feeling.

So unless you are working out hard for several hours per day you can't be eating huge three course meals and snacks which are laden with breads, potatos and other high calorie foods if you want to lose weight