Monday, June 22, 2009

....Sports Drinks

These drinks are all the rage now with more and more brands and types available. But really, think about it. Does it make sense to drink liquids which are fluorescent colored? No liquid that humans are meant to drink is naturally fluorescent in color! In order to get these colors they must place many artificial colorings in the beverage. Additionally, most are either loaded down with sugar or artificial sweeteners which are extremely unhealthy for you, despite the fact that government agencies have approved them. If you have enough cash and enough political influence you can get anything approved. Bottom line is these drinks are extremely overpriced and unnecessary for almost everyone. Unless you are working out at extreme levels or in extreme amounts you don't need to suck down a bottle of fluorescent colored sugar water to make it through your 20 minute treadmill routine. All your body needs to stay hydrated is water, a very small amount of sugar and a tiny bit of salt. With sugar we are talking a 3-6% solution of sugar and the salt only comes into play at really high levels of exertion. For your average workout, the type of which I've seen most everyone do, a bottle of water is plenty. Only 5-8 oz every 15 minutes are needed during a workout, with various factors affecting this amount (intensity, previous hydration status, how much you sweat..etc). Start drinking water and avoid the over-hyped unnecessary sports drinks and other "fake" nutrition.