Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27, 2009 - Workout and Eat Like Crazy

I know this may sound crazy, but those of you who have experienced it know the feelings of hunger you constantly have if you workout quite often. For those of you who don't workout very often or very hard, there is something big you are missing out on especially if you like to eat! Your level of hunger will go through the roof when you start working out a lot. The great part about it is you won't be gaining bad pounds if you gain any. Granted you need to eat quality foods and not fast food or junk. You may experience this to a greater or lesser degree depending on your individual situation. Typically you'll also desire better foods and be more apt to stay away from junk the more you workout. This is all because your body's metabolism is going up and you are using up the energy more quickly. You should also feel better and more energetic.

Just as an example this last week, and particularly weekend I was super hungry as I was doing quite a bit of trail running/hiking and also did a 5K race. It has seemed I can't get enough's a great feeling especially because I love to eat!

So workout frequently and intensely and you can eat till your heart's content!